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The Chamber is collecting a list of local drivers who are willing to do volunteer deliveries for businesses throughout the City of Kalamunda. This is not to reduce the amount of available work for paid courier drivers or take paid hours away from staff but to offer a free additional delivery resource if you need it at a time when more and more traditional businesses are also having to set up delivery services in order to survive.

Businesses do not have to be members of the Chamber in order to participate.

Volunteer drivers can submit and expression of interest HERE

If you complete the form below we will arrange to forward you the details of drivers in your area that may be able to help. We want the transactions to be as "contactless" as possible and each business will have to work out how they collect payment - this would not be the responsibility of the volunteer drivers. 

Deliveries of non-perishable goods are obviously easier to manage but if you find a regular reliable volunteer you may be able to use them for perishable goods too. Drivers are volunteering because they want to help local businesses in their community.

The Chamber has volunteer insurance to cover drivers.

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